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The European Association Romea Strata (Associazione Europea Romea Strata, AERS) was founded with the aim of rediscovering and valorizing the faith, religiousness and culture of the Romea Strata, the ancient pilgrimage route which crossed the regions from the Baltic Sea to Rome,point of union between the East and the West. The Association intends to open up this route to the pilgrims and walkers of the third millennium, enhancing its roots and going beyond the borders that were created in the course of history.

AERS was founded in 2018 by the 30 founding members coming from Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, tates that are all crossed by the route. The members work together to promote this great pilgrimage route and to create awareness of its historical context, the places of faith and spirituality located along the itinerary, the cultural and religious heritage that characterizes it, and the beauty of the natural landscape through which it winds its way.

The mission of AERS is to enhance the Romea Strata by promoting the knowledge of its archaeological, artistic, architectural, literary and gastronomic heritage, raising awareness on this ancient “way of faith”, and encouraging, through the journey, a culture of gratuitousness, giving and hospitality that can generate and create encounter and fruitful union between different people and cultures.

AERS was born as a prerequisite for the certification “Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe”. In 2019, for the 9th Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes, organized by the Council of Europe in Sibiu (Romania), AERS nominated the Romea Strata for the nomination of “Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe”, certification that has been previously awarded to the Camino di Santiago, to the Via Francigena and to the St. Olav’s Way.

AERS is committed to follow the objectives and goals set by the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR), which are:

  • to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences and good practices by coordinating joint actions in line with the activities of the partners and of the various associations and groups present along the route;
  • to promote interdisciplinary studies and research through the cientific Committee and with occasions for social debate on the topic;
  • to develop communication and promotion strategies aimed at thepreserving the European material and immaterial heritage;
  • to organizeeducational, training and cultural exchange activities for young Europeans from different cultures and backgrounds, emphasizing the intercultural aspect;
  • to encourage accessible and sustainable cultural tourismthrough the development of infrastructures and services which render the route accessible to all.

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AERS works to rediscover the Romea Strata, an ancient pilgrimage route which heads to Rome, making its way through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

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Comitato Scientifico

L’obiettivo del Comitato Scientifico di AERS è promuovere la conoscenza delle antiche vie di pellegrinaggio dal Baltico a Roma attraverso studi e ricerche di carattere interdisciplinare.

Oltre a validare l’Itinerario da un punto di vista storico, il desiderio dell’AERS è quello di far emergere la ricchezza di elementi che si sono “stratificati” nel corso della storia lungo queste antiche vie al fine di poter da un lato, partecipare alla diffusione delle conoscenze sul patrimonio culturale e, dall’altro, fornire numerose motivazioni a chiunque voglia avvicinarsi all’esperienza di cammino, come pellegrino, camminatore, turista.

The members

AERS was founded in 2018 by the 30 founding members. New members and partners join the association with the desire of participating in the project.


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Association Friend of the Hospitale Sant John

Association Cercivento: Una Bibbia a Cielo Aperto

Association Comunità Toscana il Pellegrino

National Association Città dei Presepi

Association of Touristic Promotion Emilia Romagna (APT Emilia Romagna)

Città d’Arte del Veneto Consortium

Municipality of Badia Polesine

Municipality of Fucecchio

Municipality of Gemona

Municipality of Pojana Maggiore

Municipality of Schio

Municipality of Udine

Diocese of Concordia-Pordenone

Diocese of Pistoia

Diocese of Verona

Federation of Municipalities of Camposampierese

Foundation “So.Co.Ba

Foundation Aquileia

Foundation Homo Viator – San Teobaldo

Foundation Verona Minor Hierusalem

Group of Local Action MontagnAppennino

GAL Montagna Vicentina

  Group of Local Action Polesine Delta del Po

  Open Leader S.Cons.Ar.L.

Promoturismo FVG

  Association for Social Promotion – Turismo Giovanile e Sociale Eurogroup

Association for Social Promotion – Turismo Giovanile e Sociale Nazionale

Unione di Comuni Montani Appennino Pistoiese

  University of Padua


  ARGE Pilgern in Kärnten

Benedikt be-Weg-t Association

Diocese of Gurk

Way of St. James Association in Vienna

Way of St. James Association in Weinviertel

St. Martinus community in Eisenstadt

Erlebnisregion Hochsteiermark

Touristic Association Traisen-Gölsenta

Pilgrim Association Via Sacra

Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH

Repubblica Ceca:

Moravian-Silesian Christian Academy, branch of Bilovice nad Svitavou

Diocese of Brno – Office for Religious Tourism

Matice Velehradská

Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Bílovice nad Svitavou

European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius (ECRCM)

Palacký University Olomouc, Saints Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology


City of Lebork

Municipality of Wadowice

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Pedagogical University of Cracow 


Camino Lituano


Association St. James Way in Latvia

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