The Pilgrim’s card

The new Romea Strata credential was designed in combination with the pilgrim’s luminous notebook!

This credential recognizes the status of “pilgrim” and distinguishes it from any other traveler. He is the one who sets out on a journey to places of faith, pilgrimage destinations, with the intention of strengthening the way that leads him to the Lord.
It is issued to those who wish to have an important human and spiritual experience It commits the pilgrim to respectful behavior towards those who offer hospitality, those they meet along the way and towards the environment and nature.
The Pilgrim’s Card is designed for those who go to Rome to the throne of Peter and Paul on foot, by bike or on horseback. It can also be used in other pilgrimage routes (Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela …).
Allows access to “Hospitals” which are accommodations intended for reception.
It collects the stamps of the places crossed to demonstrate the path traveled.
it is a valid document for obtaining the end of pilgrimage certificate.

The Pilgrim’s Card must be requested in advance from the Homo Viator Foundation – San Teobaldo: you can have it sent to your home or alternatively buy it directly at our headquarters in Vicenza. You can find us in Contrà Vescovado 3.

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