Bright notebook of the pilgrim
Gospel steps for the journey

A biblical guide that accompanies today’s pilgrim, of all ages, along the path he has chosen to travel.
A notebook to consult but also where to write down your reflections, to make the journey a moment of recollection during a journey that, by its nature, invites meditation and intimate spirituality.

This tool was born from the deep desire to offer a vademecum (which means “come with me”) that is agile, simple and clear to accompany the pilgrim on the physical journey, but with specific attention to the spiritual dimension; 36 milestones or stages that can be easily divided into weeks of walking, marked by six days of regenerating movement and one of rest to enjoy the wonders of creation as it was also for God. The pilgrim’s starting motivations are never those that accompany him to his physical arrival, because they evolve step by step, while the interiority is set in motion, step by step, until it is amazed by what it sees, hears, touches, feels The heart opens to wonder and there it often encounters God heart-to-heart. The real pilgrim, in fact, is humanity in search.
The guide would like to offer everyone the company in faith, so rare, but precious, that one can only give oneself among special friends. «Along the way you too will find a hook in the middle of the sky …».

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