Romea strata

Come prepararsi al cammino

Consigli, raccomandazioni e informazioni utili per affrontare al meglio la tua esperienza di cammino!

Physical training

You should start training a few months before embarking on the pilgrimage on foot, for example by doing walks that will gradually increase in time and difficulty.
Plan the stages in a personalized way. The walk must adapt to your physical abilities and your goals. Measure the effort and go at your own pace.
During the walk do not neglect the muscles, especially the calves: the warm-up and muscle stretching exercises must be constant during the itinerary.

Technical-organizational information

Choose the right season: The Via Romea Strata crosses 6 Regions with different environments, landscapes and contexts. Some stretches of the Romea Strata cross Alpine and Apennine stretches which in winter can be closed or difficult to travel. So choose carefully the right time to walk in relation to your destination.
If you choose the bicycle, the ideal time to do it is at the beginning of September when the weather is pleasant and the days are still long.

Customize the program: You need to plan your milestones that suit your physical abilities: don’t set yourself unreal and unshakable goals. It is very important to measure the effort and to follow each one’s own rhythm, especially if the pilgrimage is long and lasts many days. Take into account the distances between the stops and the hostels.
If you do the Romea Strata by bicycle, check that the stages do not exceed 100 km.

Accommodations: the possibilities of overnight stay are indicated on the site. it is necessary to notify of their passage. Always announce your arrival by calling in advance, confirm day by day and don’t be afraid to cancel.

Signage: the Via is equipped with specific signs, namely the white arrow with a brown background with the writing Romea Strata and its logo. In some places of particular importance, you will also find in-depth notice boards that show the route of the Romea, a fictionalized description of the excellences of the place and biblical psalms to accompany the journey.
Remember that if no indications are given at an intersection, you must stay on the road traveled, continuing straight ahead.

Credential: For the Romea Strata there is the credential that identifies you as a pilgrim. Similarly to the other paths, the possession of the credential can give access to hospitality that would otherwise not be usable or at controlled prices. The credential must be requested with a certain advance to the Homo Viator – San Teobaldo Foundation.

Point of interest: there are numerous churches and points of interest that can be found along the Via Romea Strata and almost all of them can be visited, however we invite you to inform yourself and contact the custodians or parish priests in time. The relevant contacts are available on the site, in the information sheet of the relevant point of interest.

For any other information contact us by phone at 0444 327146 or by email at


The backpack: The backpack will be your travel companion that you will carry on your shoulders for the whole Way; for this reason it is good to prepare it with great care and attention, putting only useful and indispensable items in it to have a low weight and take up little volume.
The list we propose is only a suggestion for those who already have walking experience and for those who have little.

Shoes: they must never be new! On the contrary, the foot must be used to wearing them. Given that every road surface and surface requires its own shoe, hiking boots are recommended for the trails. The best are trekking or mountain boots, preferably with hard soles. If you don’t know what to buy, we have designed the perfect footwear for the Romea Strata.. Also bring sandals or slippers for moments of rest.

For walking: the pilgrim’s main support tools are the adjustable hiking poles, or the staff (wooden stick), and the headlamp with spare batteries. Make sure you always have something to eat and a water bottle with you. The diet must be light, and you must always keep yourself well hydrated: you must ingest liquids before, during and after the walk! For the cold season, a thermos for hot drinks can be useful.

First Aid Kit: Never forget a small kit with all the essentials for foot care and skin protection. Knees, tendons and feet are our weak points.
So, in addition to the personal medications prescribed by the doctor and the life-saving ones for allergy sufferers, take the load of: gloves, disinfectant sachets, gauze, generic plasters and specific plasters for blisters, ready-to-use ice, scissors, sunscreen and moisturizer, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory ointments, compression bandages, insect repellent.

Guide e gps: a fundamental aid both for planning the trip and during the journey is to have a paper guide of the Via Romea Strata at hand. Whether you choose to travel the Romea Strata on foot or by bicycle, get your guide to study the stops and places not to be missed! GPS is an excellent ally that will allow you to focus more on the surrounding nature than on the path to follow.

Inner preparation

Setting out on a journey means taking on an interior dimension of silence, of a closer relationship with oneself in order to become pilgrims by giving a precise motivation to one’s steps.
The journey must be assimilated internally because it is not just a physical test.
Prepare not to be afraid of yourself, because it is yourself that you will know in this experience: welcome the surprises and open yourself to the new things you will discover.
Be willing to be shaped by who and what you will meet along the way.
The journey can be a moment of rebirth and rediscovery from various points of view, including the spiritual one. If you want a vademecum that will accompany you in this dimension as well, the luminous notebook will help you.

L’arrivo a Roma

Il cammino si conclude a Roma, cosa vedere, cosa fare e come ritirare il testimonium

L’arrivo a Roma

Il cammino si conclude a Roma, cosa vedere, cosa fare e come ritirare il testimonium

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